Tired of dating games

And boy, I have to say that Internet Dating seems to have really hit the all time low for being shallow and negative.For those old enough to remember before the Internet, how did we get dates? And for those computer savy and old enough, remember Prodigy and AOL? You were willing to put the time and effort into getting to know someone instead of brushing them aside.

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Well, I have to say that I have backed off dating for several weeks now, and mainly participate in the forums.

That's not an internet thing, it's been like that ever since I can remember.

I think a lot (not all) of internet daters aren't doing well offline or are trying to skip steps or get around the social interaction thing.

Now you can find thousands of people..some will turn the standards meter up to an unrealistic level and hope to attain that.internet dating is like a roller coaster, you are up one day and down the next you just have to develop a thick skin and move on.