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Apart from a cover of the Bing Crosby favourite Marshmallow World, they have actually written their own Christmas songs.This results in some unfortunate puns (Sleigh Me) and overuse of a cheap synthesizer, but also some colourful flights of fancy.Hot on the heels of She & Him, Ash frontman Tim Wheeler and his singer/songwriter girlfriend, Emmy the Great, further add to the rather niche genre of indie pop boy/girl duo yuletide records with their unique collaborative effort, This Is Christmas.

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Zombie Christmas imagines what would happen if a plague of the undead interrupted the present-opening ceremony, and Jesus the Reindeer could well line up alongside Wizzard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day as an office-party favourite.

It probably won’t be on a John Lewis ad any time soon, but it sure is fun.

I walk these old familiar streets It makes me wanna hold you I pass the corner and the cinema we used to go to I wonder if you've changed Home for the holidays again I can't believe it's been another year Did you ever write that book? I call your parents' house to see If you're in town I guess it's just that time of year You're on my mind Is there something here or is it just this time of year?

Is it me or was there something that I never told you?

"Sleigh Me," the first song they ever co-wrote together, is a gorgeously melancholic if slightly slushy folk-pop number that unexpectedly recalls the Beautiful South at their most wistful, the Spector-ish "(Don't Call Me) Mrs.