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Using a special character management system, the player may assign students to gather materials for crafting the Monokuma backups or constructing tools, rest for the day, or clean the school.

Unlike the Rapid Fire Debate, there is no time limit on Trigger Happy Heart.

The Trigger Happy Heart event occurs when Makoto gets close to full repution hearts on a classmate's report card.

After reaching the 51st day, if the player manages to build every backup assigned, the students will all gather around Monokuma, who yells at them for making a "backup" that doesn't even look like him.

Out of anger and frustration, Monokuma decides to punish Makoto, saying that it would "motivate" the other students to do a better job next time, but the "backup" suddenly comes to life, introducing itself as Usami.

Although all the students are confused and reluctant to go along with Monokuma's words, he reminds the group that the door is sealed and that there is currently no way to leave.


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