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They’ve got the governor’s office locked up in the state and an NFL football team — if you want to count the Browns as an NFL team — and while their company is currently under federal prosecution for a variety of misdeeds, they control everything at the University of Tennessee and much in the state as well.

John Currie was the Haslam family’s handpicked athletic director. Countless other top donors to the University of Tennessee have thrown up their hands, aghast at the power wielded by the Haslams, but no one has been able to challenge their power and win.

That’s why the SEC fans share so ardently for the conference because, in all honesty, the South is an ethnicity and college football is our regional heartbeat, the ties that bind us all together.

Meet anyone else born and raised in an SEC state anywhere in the world and it’s just about inevitable that the talk will eventually turn to SEC football.

On the day John Currie was introduced as Tennessee’s new athletic director on campus both he and I spoke to audiences. And because I do a better job speaking to them than he does.


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