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The abolition of Capital Punishment was the cause of Violet van der Elst, who having started working life as a scullery maid, then earned a fortune developing cosmetics.She used her monies to write books & wage vocal campaigns against the death penalty& staged a protest at , she wrote “stories of interest for ladies” – what colour shoes to wear, how to treat your servants etc.

She was married to her first cousin During the early part of her reign Tavistock was a bit of a boom town.

The mid 1800’s saw a flood of migrants coming in - mainly for the mining - the population increasing by over 40% in a 20 year period.

Out of the main car park, our route took us past the site of the old railway station, the terminus of the line from Yelverton which opened in 1883 & closed in 1956.

We passed the only remaining building which is thought to be an old stable block.

Re-published many times here & in the Facsism was the next topic with Plymouth & in particular the Western Morning News playing a prominent part in the mid 1930’s.