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From the beginning of 1998 through April, 46 Aboriginal girls were found to have been engaged in prostitution.

Fake job ads allegedly placed by employers in the sex industry continue to occupy the classified pages of Taiwanese newspapers, leaving teenagers vulnerable to forced prostitution, a local civic alliance devoted to child and juvenile sex trade prevention said yesterday.

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- The sale of Aboriginal girls into prostitution by their parents is also a problem.

However, reports have indicated that in the period from June 1994 to July 1995, the percentage of all arrested child prostitutes who were of Aboriginal origin dropped from 15 percent to 5 percent.

Further, s economic growth over the past decades has given rise to a massive spread in the use of the Internet and mobile phones, popular communication channels among children and teenagers, in which supervision from parents can be minimal.

Statistics from the Police Department from 1997 to September 2001 showed that an increasing number of children are engaging in prostitution through the Internet.

Chi, a former journalist, has worked tirelessly for the past 13 years as a child advocate and devotee to social reform in Taiwan.