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Crosley specialized in very compact fuel-efficient cars, which were not popular with Americans in the post-war period. Crosley radio history at store here the information we get for Crosley radio season 1939/40 = Crosley models 1940.

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Trade names and model families: Ace, Administrator, Adventurer, Alderman, Announcer, Arbiter, Bandbox , Bigfella, Bonniboy, Bubby-Boy, Cook Base, Buccaneer, Buddy, Cabriolet, Caroler, Casa, Cherio, Chief, Chum, Classmate, Clipper, Commissioner, Companon, Congressman, Constitution, Corsair, Crony, Cruiser, Director, Discoverer, Elf, Fiver, Galleon, Gembox, Gemchest, Governor, Jewelbox, Jewelcase, Leader, Legislator, Mate, Mayor, Merrimac, Merrymaker, Monotrad, Olymia, Oracle, Pal, Partner, Playboy, Playtime, Privateer, Pup, Repose, Reveler, Roamio, Rondeau, Secretary, Senator, Septet, Sevette, Sextet, Sheraton, Showbox, Showboy, Showchest, Six, Sixty, Sondo, Songster, Sonnester, Symphony, Ten, Tenace, Tenstrike, Totem, Travette, Travo, Thridyn, Troubator, Twelve, Vagabond, Viking, Washinton, Wigit The Crosley Manufacturing Corp., founded by Powel Crosley Jr.

of Cincinnati, Ohio, began selling low cost "Harko" crystal receivers (according to page 51 in "Radio collector's Guide 1921-1932) for $ 7 in 1921.

, CN = Column, Cp = Compact, CT = Console Table, D = Desk-type Floor cabinet, GC = Grandfather Clock, HP = High Boy, HT = Home Talkie, K = Kit, LB = Lowboy, M = Mantle or Midget, m = Metal, MC = Mantle or Midget with Clock, ML = Metal Locker, Mn = MIniature, MP = Midget Radio Phonograph, MS = Midget or Chest, PA = Portable and Automobile, PN = Radio Piano, Pr = Portable, R = Rack, RP = Radio Phonograph Combination, SS = Smoking Stand, St = Chest, T = Tabel Model. (17 for Crosley, 10 times d for "Class B amplification").

Speaker: (type and numbers of LS) D = Dynamic, M = Magnetic, D-M = Dynamic or Magnetic, PD Permanent Magnetic Dynamic (* = speaker cost extra). Attachments handed over fliers and folders, was present with ads in magazines but also on exhibitions - and soon also published "The Crosley Broadcaster". Therefore we are bound to also use secondary sources like books about antique radios etc. He is really caring for the history, not only collecting boxes.

Notable models from Crosley included the two-tube regenerative model 51 for $18.50 in 1924 and the "Pup" in 1925, a one-tube regenerative set that sold for $9.75.