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Game days are a war field for passionate fans from opposing teams. Rivalries can bring out the worst in people, so don’t ruin the game for everyone before kickoff. If you win, he pays for dinner or does something nice for you or vice versa. But don’t let your confidence get the best of you, or you might be walking around eyebrow less like Colin Kaepernick.

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I can see a version of this show where he ascends to sit upon the Iron Throne, but I think it’s more likely he’s ultimately, finally outsmarted (probably by Sansa, his protégé) and loses his life. He’ll die somewhere in season seven as a supposedly shocking moment.

I actually expect Davos to make it all the way to the series finale, but not all the way to its end.

Season 8, it’s final season, some story details and character locations may be starting to firm up.