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Women who delay marriage in pursuit of education and career can procure the corresponding benefit of financial independence later in life, whereas girls who become pregnant are often forced to drop out of school and forgo formal employment.

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As well as being dangerous, breast ironing is criticised as being ineffective for stopping early sex and pregnancy.

GIZ (then called "GTZ") and the Network of Aunties (RENATA), a Cameroonian non-governmental organization that supports young mothers, campaign against breast ironing, According to one Cameroonian lawyer, if a medical doctor determines that damage has been caused to the breasts, the perpetrator can be punished by up to three years in prison, provided the matter is reported within a few months.

Learn more about the safety and security situation.

Avoid all travel to areas within 30 kilometres of the borders with Nigeria, Chad and the Central African Republic, because of the risk of kidnapping and armed banditry and terrorist threat.

Cases of attempted fraud are frequently reported in Cameroon.


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