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Figure skating, done by either sex, is an incomparable display of balance, poise, and power. To spend the best part of a week watching humans hurtle down craning slopes at speeds exceeding the average Fiat, watching them ride a steel-bladed rocket down a chute of ice, hearing the thunder of shoulder-padded players thudding into wood and plexiglass – and then to step into the men’s figure skating competition is to enter an entirely different universe.

It was not merely the theater of competition – it is theater. ”The announcer actually says this before the scores are announced.

That is the ultimatum of the “we’re just athletes” line of argument.

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Is it the skating or the Sir Francis Walsingham-era fur trim? Maybe that silly jacket has created a mood that becomes the vessel of his athletic performance.

Maybe next time, I’ll start the clapping.------Mark has observed a lot of figure-skating events while covering five Olympics.

Figure Skating RPF is a small sports RPF fandom that has been around since at least the 1990s.

Like the sport itself, its popularity is cyclical, with an influx of new fanfiction and activity coinciding with the Winter Olympics every four years.

ontd_skating, a spinoff community of the popular Oh No They Didn't celebrity gossip community, was created in response to the overwhelming interest in figure skating in ONTD's Olympic watch posts.


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