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Fitted 3-jaw chuck, quick-change toolpost, precision keyless and keyed drill chucks, thread-dial indicator, chuck guard, Morse taper drills, turning and boring tools - and all the miscellaneous equipment, material and tools used with the lathe by the previous owner.

Mounted on a metal stand this useful miller has both fine feed by worm-and-wheel gearing and a rapid-action drilling handle.

Equipped with a machine vice, parallels, a Clarkson Auto Lock chuck, drill chuck, tooling and all the parts used on the miller by the previous owner. 1-phase motor with drive by an "A" section V-belt to an intermediate, self-aligning, jockey pulley and then to a 4-step front pulley - the arrangement giving 9 speeds from around 150 to 2000 r.p.m. £550 Pictures of the Alpine Mill/Drill for sale here: Elliott "Progress" No.

A compact, highly versatile and power milling machine with 1-phase electrics.

£1750 Details of the Myford VM-F milling machine on this page16 spindle speeds from 30 to 2500 r.p.m.

Complete with a specially made T-slotted cross-slide boring and milling table, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, Dickson quick-set toolpost, fixed steady, additional change-wheels for imperial thread cutting, micrometer dial on the carriage handwheel, thread-dial indicator, a set of the basic four metric to Imperial transposing changewheels, catchplate, light unit, the often-missing.