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A number of subsequent applications of the method (e.g. (Uranium thorium)/helium dating of apatite: experience with samples from different geochemical environments.

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However, due to a number of factors, outlined in the following Sections, a (U-Th)/He age must be interpreted carefully before the true meaning of the measured age can be evaluated.

m), a significant proportion of alpha particles produced with an apatite grain may be emitted from the grain, resulting in loss of radiogenic helium. (1996) showed how this effect can be corrected for, by calculation of a correction factor (known as F Calculations of Helium retention over geological timescales, based on laboratory diffusion measurements, suggest that Helium is progressively lost at temperatures between 40 and 90C (for timescales of tens of millions of years), with this temperature range constituting a Helium “ Partial Retention Zone” or He PRZ.

Because of the greater diffusive loss expected from smaller grains compared to larger grains, the helium closure temperatures in apatite will also vary with grain radius.

The overall variation in closure temperature for samples with grain radii of 50-150 microns is predicted to be only 5C (Farley, 2000).

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