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It is in fact just another cock pic, that's it, a pic of your cock, to go with the 1000's we've already been sent. Oh and its not just the men, oh no, you ladies are guilty too.I used to have nightmares about 'The Pit of Sarlacc' as a teenager, now its happening all over again.. Uuuhhhhg, just had a vision of the pics we get sent of men in black leather trousers or waistcoats, ooh need a cup of tea and a sit down now...

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And we've just watched a Fred and Rose West documentary so any unverified couples that invite us round to their cellar for a nice cup of tea, errm.. Oh and if your username is anything like robocockdeepthrustpussypounderlickallnight12"massivedongfistfuckercuckoldking ironballs Mc Ginty then don't even bother!!!! Flashers, that's what you are, flashers, bandying around pics of your cocks like a good old fashioned flasher, but it's legal now you see? Quite a strange way to introduce yourself, i mean usually expect a man to extend his hand to shake.

* It's not like we don't accept messages from single guys (those goofy bastards are about the best thing i've got going on in my life right now) just have a little r. Try it next time you're walking through a park approaching someone and then.. Can see you sat there now, racking your brains on how to get our attention, " I know" you say, "I'll send them a pic of my hairy cock, that should do it"..., it doesn't..

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At the right moment and in the right light we look alright. The face(s), yes got to be the face(s), once you've seen us that's it, game over! Once they see us and we message them for another meeting all the excuses come out, washing their hair/no babysitter/dead mother/washing dead mothers hair/house stolen/dead babysitter/washing dead babysitters hair, you know, the usual... We're not into gangbangs/bukkake/bbc/bbw/dp/vwe/vvwe/bi-guys/tv's/ts/dominant bulls etc etc, not fussy are we?!!!!


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