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Her gang is blamed for the suicide of 17-year-old Daniel Perry who leapt to his death in Scotland in August 2013 after being told by his online tormentors he would be 'better off dead'.

Speaking in a squalid Philippines prison cell, Caparas revealed that her gang of 'chatters' trawl Facebook for victims, sending men flirtatious messages before asking them to go 'somewhere private'.

The chatter's boss then gets in touch with the victim and threatens to send the link to the video to family and friends via Facebook if they do not pay blackmail demands.

Victims of Caparas's gang in North Hills Village – a poverty-racked village with a population of 1,500 – are believed to include a millionaire Asian pop star and a tycoon's son who paid £150,000 in repeated blackmail demands before going to police.

I'm praying to Jesus to let me be with my kids again. 'But when asked what she thought of her victims falling for the scam, she replied cynically: 'They are stupid.'When I talk to them after they have paid their first blackmail demand I would tell them: 'Don't do it again – you have learnt a lesson from your mistakes.'Caparas insisted she had nothing to do with Daniel's death and implausibly claimed to have worked as a 'chatter' for only eight months, making 800,000 pesos (£13,000), before giving up after her first arrest in 2014 following Daniel's death.


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