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It goes something like "In the words of ..(some French psychologist)..everybody bops." The message refers to a French doctor whose study concluded that over 85 of the French population were active masturbators.It was somewhere in the '78-'80 period, when I was in high school.

A good clue to all this is the CD cover which features the band standing on the beach perving on a naked chic sunbathing. Definatly last verse about "now it's alright, without those boys.

I sit at home at night and play with my toys." --reference of "toys" mentioned earlier in the song : "it's not my fault, i'm not a's not my fault, i don't have those toys"Lyric: "Now if you've lost all your women and they're treating you cruel.

Strategically positioned, before the midday show, the back is arched, those lips are parched, repeated blow by blow" Quite obviously describing a woman taking her dildo out for use and the subsequent carnal pleasure and resulting orgasm "Later, at the party, all the MPs rave, 'bout the hummers she's been giving, and the money that they save, to her it is skin lotion" Describing the numerous blows jobs she performs on people within the community and the little revenue she chooses to recieve.

ALso describes her perspective on and adaptation to semen and other fluid products which emit form the penis.

Or at least you can lose your job for advocating it being taught, boy what a class that would be, as if you could do it wrong. If you know of others from the eighties, I'll list them at the end Also, I don't need to hear any Michael JACKson jokes, "Beat It" was about gangs, not about what we're talking about.