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Here are a few ideas to boost your spirits through the holidays.

It is important to learn how to be self-ish, in the healthy, self-care kind of way.

The time when you go to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, and at one point, you'll be berated with many questions about whether or not you're seeing anyone, and when you answer "no," the many follow-up questions commence. You see your friends or relatives with boyfriends or girlfriends, husbands or wives, and sometimes adorable little kids. When New Year's Eve comes around, you get to see some of your friends and relatives kiss their significant other when the clock strikes midnight, as if they've reached "fairy-tale status," while you're hugging everyone else.

As someone whose been in all of these places at some point, it's still difficult during the holidays.

So if a tinge of sadness or loneliness arises when you see a happy couple, don't disregard the importance of that emotion or feel guilty.

But don't dwell on that feeling either; it's not worth it.

You can always choose a different story about your situation, and create the holidays that you want.