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The foot bar revolving joint complete was bent, this item is no longer made so I straightened it and tightened up the bushing joint, stoned all surfaces, it seems to work as it should.(I may not have all the proper terms for the machine parts but it is as close as I am able to tell) The needle cam bar follower is worn badly; I could not find a replacement at the time so I turned it 90 degrees to an unworn portion of the cam which corrected the stroke.

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Singer treadle machine dating

At the point that this machine gets restored to its original look I will post the follow up pictures for now this is as good as it gets.

The first sewing after my temporary fixes, the leather stock protector used to keep solvents off the stock when cleaning a rifle, a friend had asked to have one made slightly different and longer than previous ones I’ve made.

I found another company called, among there parts list is stated that size #138 is the largest thread that can be used on this machine.

I called and spoke with the sales lady and she stated that this is all the owner uses; they sell the thread, needles and everything that works for this machine using this thread.

The fellow said yes I have been thinking of selling it, I asked how much and he said I would have to think about that for a while so I came back 3 days later and took it home for much less than expected, new copies run $1800 and up and used machines run $600 and up.