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They have the knack of throwing diva fits, of becoming absolute cry-babies or of becoming little puppy dogs with massively innocent eyes staring back you. I just so not agree with all the junk, they may be true somewhat for Sindhi girl, but what about men!! -They are liars - They cheat -Once they get a girl they marry or engage and then move on the other expecting you to sit at home and still love them.

Your heart melts, and their mission is accomplished. -They are opportunist, go where they see money -They be easily and very cheaply bought -Even a few perfume and shirts can buy them, -No matter how rich they are they still remain greedy for more -They make friends who can spend on them -The self obsessed -they are bad manned -Have nothing totally nothing in the department of values integrity and honesty.

Sindhi is a very rich language with a vast vocabulary; this has made it a favorite of many writers and so a lot of literature and poetry has been written in Sindhi.


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