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And when they made the move, it was on Shaked’s visa.

“I felt there was an opportunity that women founders weren’t aware of.

I thought I could easily make it available for them.” Months after arriving, Shaked founded We Act, an organization that brings Israeli women who founded startups on missions to Silicon Valley to meet investors, officials at tech giants like Facebook and Google, and other entrepreneurs.

Comrades,the Glorious World of Next Tuesday is upon us, at least allegedly within one of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley.

From firing evil white male employees who dare to disagree with the social(ist) justice warrior employees for Wrong Think™ to allegedly practically crying when Trump (spit) won, it is like a socialist dream come true. I am highly skilled in political propaganda, political agitation, socialist groupthink, diversity, and shaming those who don't conform to our way of thinking. If we could bring this glorious world of Next Tuesday out of Silicon Valley and into the rest of the world, what would you want to happen, Comrades?

"The thing that made him and the company successful is now causing havoc," Brad Stone, author of The Upstarts, which chronicles category-altering companies such as Uber and Airbnb, says of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.