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Glad to see her acted well in 'My Golden Life' as a lead actress.

All the whiles, I had seen her in 'The Legend of Blue Sea', 'Five is Enough' and 'She Was Pretty' as a very humorous actress and have great potential in acting skills. Although her character isn't a main role, her character and the way she portrayed it, made it seem as if she was a main. I accidentally watch many dramas with her and always love her acting. She really know how to deliver her lines and make the scene come out the best.

It happened to be on the day his 5th solo album “Shin Hye Sung Winter Album Winter Poetry” was released, and perhaps it’s because of the weather that suddenly turned cold, he didn’t look to be in a good condition. Unexpectedly, my younger brother had more talent for that kind of stuff. Anyway, I didn’t have that kind of talent and singing, just a little… He sings trot well and I think I’m like my father in that aspect. Q: When songs did you generally sing when you went to the karaoke?

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- Concert sold out in 2 minutes, Shin Hye Sung’s reaction is?

(Interview)I met with the lead vocal of group “Shinhwa”, that is becoming the ‘Shinhwa (legend)’ of Korean pop, Shin Hye Sung.

Hyesung is a detective in the police force however he has been stuck doing desk work for the past couple months, mainly due to the heart break he experienced over his last partner. That's why I tried to write something, when it would be better time for something like this if not 6 days before the wedding : D (I wrote 6 days before wedding)I hope you like it.„BOYx BOY“!

But now he has been assigned a new partner, Eric Mun, and there is nothing Hyesung wants less than a new partner. If you have something against this against SMUT then do not read it. [Oneshot]Ante el anuncio de la boda inminente de nuestro carismático líder Eric, una pequeña "despedida" de la ship que [email protected] fans compartimos: el Ricsyung.

You have that special facial features that has a sad introverted look, and on those places where you smile you show such a presence and a stunning bright smile.