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Her hair was understandably unkempt after being held in central booking for over a day, and her clothes were disheveled.

In addition to defending my clients, I am often called upon to change the negative perceptions formed about my clients through my advocacy.

(@iambranden July 26) Branden Miller is talented, no doubt, but the fact that we are all laughing gives me serious pause.

One of the issues with this kind of comedy IS that we are all laughing — including people who are racist or ignorant and/or narrow-minded; stereotypes are perpetuated by such people and is helped generously by comedic racial misogyny. It should be noted that even though the racial identity of Joanne the Scammer is ambiguous at best, racial misogyny is still a component of Branden Miller’s comedy.

But it wasn’t until he played insane Martin Payne that he blew up.

We loved his penchant for throwing people out when they tried to play him, his hilarious dancing skills, and his back and forth banter with Pam.

Trudy of Gradient Lair, a black womanist scholar, coined the term transmisogynoir to describe transphobia, misogyny and anti-blackness, against transgender black women.