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When he asks if you want to go out and then says he’ll call later in the week, tell him this very kindly: “You know, I’m really interested in going out with you, but my schedule is pretty hectic this weekend. ” If he’s serious about getting to know you, he’ll spend the extra few minutes it takes to make a plan, or he’ll commit to when he’s going to call back with details. [Make sure you qualify that it’s this weekend so he doesn’t get the impression you’re so busy that you won’t have time for him.] It would be great if we could make our dinner plans now. If he doesn’t do either, it gives you some valuable insight. My country has ratified it but not yet organised activities; our youth community is not yet familiarised with youth associations or community; the one sector which puts together youth associations is actually pro government, that gives some problems and stopped some initiatives. very recently, the government has made known the availability of 25000 jobs for young people nation wide and there is a call for application. Primary education is free and last year, university tuition which is at 100USD was reimbursed through the head of state's generous scholarship offer which was awarded to everyone but for the very dumb ones who had a GPA below 2 on 4.

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As far as I know, Ethiopia declined to ratify the AYC because the age limit or gap described in the charter. Raymond Agoussou and she told us that she is the African states to sign and ratify this Charter.

I hope that Ethiopia will ratify this charter in the near future.

They have also organised some activities of sensitisation about young people rights and rules and their implication in politic.

Yes, activities for youth development in Africa have been held since the ratification of the African Youth Charter by the Republic of Congo.

Unfortunately, this is a common situation — especially when you’re meeting men using online dating. But he asked you out and, although it was up in the air about the details, it was set to do a particular thing on a particular night. As important is letting him take the lead, especially at the beginning.