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became engaged to his long-time sweetheart, Miss Cora Monroe, and the two were married on November 10th of 1892.

The earliest "Style C" reels have screws only on the headplate, while later reels were improved with screws holding the reel foot on both head and tail plates for added strength.

The Shakespeare Reel Works was first located in a four story storage building on Water Street in Kalamazoo that had once housed the Hanselman Candy Company. had rented this building since 1889 for his camera shutter business, and together with Walter E.

He enlisted as a Corporal, and had obtained the rank of First Sergeant by 1863 after fighting in such engagements as Blackburn's Forge, Bull Run 1st, Bailey's Cross Roads, Munson's Hill, Fair Oaks, Yorktown, White Oak Swamp, Malverns Hill, Bull Run 2nd, Chantilly, and Fredericksburg.

He was wounded by a bullet through both legs at the hips, and by other bullets that struck him as he lay wounded on the battlefield during an infantry charge on enemy lines at Jackson Mississippi on July 11th, 1863.

Garrett Low died before the two partners received their final photographic shutter patent in June of 1900, and Shakespeare received another patent for a fishing rod handle that same month.