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The designer, Juanjo Padros, director of the ATF (Andorra Taekwondo Federation) and member of the European Union Executive Committee, used high-tec, space age (only just) lycra to design two new doboks for female TKD competitors.

One version displayed here is good and clinging and vaguely resembles a cheap (sexy) Halloween costume a pair of good stilettos away from forcing me to remove those parentheses.

Very often a woman may find she’s the only one in the dojo surrounded by bigger, stronger men.

A young girl may be surrounded by a gaggle of rambunctious boys.

If you’re still doubting the value of a woman who bites, take a look at Lucy Liu in the role of Madame Blossom, the sexy, commanding, demanding, and ass-kicking brothel owner in Wu-Tang Clan member RZA's directorial debut martial arts movie, .