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The phrase “sexual objectification” has been around since the 1970s, but the phenomenon is more rampant than ever in popular culture–and we now know that it causes real harm. If objectification is the process of representing or treating a person like an object, then sexual objectification is the process of representing or treating a person like a object, one that serves another’s sexual pleasure.

How do we know sexual objectification when we see it?

Sometimes only the intercourse with certain kinds of animals - e.g.

impure animals - was forbidden, as in the society of the Hittites (13 Century B. Thus, it was forbidden to have sex with a dog or a cow, but not with a horse or a mule (Gregersen, 1983; Dekkers, 1994).

In the two images below, women’s bodies are presented as a particular type of object: a canvas that is marked up or drawn upon.


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