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In recent history, the company was known as SBC Communications after the government break-up of the original AT&T in 1983.SBC purchased AT&T in 2005 and took on their brand, logo and marketing for the entire company. In 2008, the AT&T corporate office moved from San Antonio to Dallas. On June 8, 2017 Christine (Employee#KM5655) a DIRECTV representative offered me a DIRECTV family package.

In July 2017 all my services (Internet-Telephone-TV) were disconnected for non-payment of my bill.

AT&T stated I owed $273.47 and was past due $89.97.

There have been many recent acquisitions including Cellular One, Centennial Communications, Wayport Inc. AT&T is currently the largest provider of fixed and mobile telephone services in the US. The representative stated that I could lower my total monthly cable bill if I got an AT&T-Direc TV bundle package.

The company current serves over 100 million mobile customers. I paid $45 per month for AT&T landline phone and I paid $130 per month for Direc TV cable with HBO. I was quoted a total price of $129.96 per month with tax for AT&T internet, phone service for $39.99 (Advertised price), and Direc TV Family Package with HBO only for $89.97(Advertised price).

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