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One of my primary goals is to help my clients gain insight into how their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and communication patterns affect themselves and others.

Who I am as a person and a therapist is strongly influenced by my Judeo-Christian worldview; however, I respect the dignity and self-determination of each individual and his or her right to choose a more secular approach to counseling if so desired.” Mark has had post-graduate sex therapy courses through the Institute for Sexual Wholeness at Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, Georgia. He offers help and hope for men who are struggling with pornography and/or other unwanted sexual behaviors.

This tumor impacts only 300 to 400 children a year in the United States - making Ocean Springs' rare surge in cases highly unusual.

Sophia Myers, the most recent child to be diagnosed, first experienced unexplained vomiting and wobbly walking before her doctors found the terminal brain tumor.'I had a healthy child,' Angel Myers said to Daily Mail Online. Then we woke up one morning and it wasn't right anymore.' The disease, which kills 90 percent of its victims within 18 months, has left the seven-year-old in hospice care after radiation and steroids failed to slow the growth of the deadly tumor.

Cognitive and behavioral therapies usually are short-term treatments (i.e., often between 6-20 sessions) that focus on teaching clients specific skills.