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While those listed here are certainly stunning, it is the talent we applaud and acknowledge.

There are many names not on this list that we admire and respect. Your voices were heard and your input combined with staff feedback formed this year’s list.

From a lyricist’s perspective she hails Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott and Savatage founder Jon Oliva as her biggest influences.

Now with crystal bowl sound therapy to help us meditate. This series will focus on opening our hearts to ourselves and our fellow human beings. This is a meetup group for singles who are over 40 and would like a little more adventure and excitement in their lives, plus the chance to meet other like-minded people!

The year included fans saying goodbye to a woman who not only waved the metal flag, but was among the first to plant her own flag in the ground of extreme metal: Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow retired her microphone in 2014 to work behind the scenes.