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Babylon the Great, as the Prophet Daniel calls it was situated four hundred and seventy-five miles in a nearly due east direction from Jerusalem.

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periodical deflections to idolatry, Baal seems to have been the favorite idol to whose worship they addicted themselves.

Hence he became the especial object of denunciation with the prophets.

In brief, Baal seems to have been wherever his cultus was active, a development of the old sun worship.

In Hebrew, which the writer of Genesis connects with, balal, meaning to confound, in reference to the confusion of tongues; but the true derivation is probably from Bab-El, meaning the gate of Et or the gate of God, because perhaps a Temple was the first building raised by the primitive nomads.

Hebrew, He was the chief divinity among the Phoenicians, the Canaanites, and the Babylonians. It was among the Orientalists a comprehensive term, denoting divinity of any kind without reference to class or to sex.