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Those addicted to heroin are moved on to a methadone programme, those with mental health problems referred on for counselling, and anyone in need of practical and/or emotional support sent to Another Way.

Over the decade, the dynamics of the Edinburgh sex industry have also changed.

As the numbers have grown so too has the team; on the first day I attend, it includes Scott, three nurses, a clinical support worker and a representative from Another Way.

With each consultation, the focus is not only on physical checks and HPV and hepatitis B vaccinations, but on security, with the women given rape alarms and told about the national Ugly Mug scheme, an informal register of dodgy punters.

In the early days, it was aimed at drug addicts and prostitutes – anyone at raised risk of STIs and unintended pregnancies – but prostitutes quickly became its main clientele; not unsurprisingly they feel more at ease having check-ups in a place where they will not be judged.