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The determination you have shown and the humility embodied in the glorious triumph are worthy of emulation the president told Pacquiao before an enthusiastic audience of fans and well-wishers.

You have brought so much pride and joy to our country for being the world champion in the field of boxing.

He would have easily won any elected post he chose. With those words Dolphy cemented his legacy as a great entertainer and a great Filipino.

Once asked why he didnt run for mayor of Manila, the silver screen legend replied: Madaling manalo. Even back then, his mindset was that of a Filipino from an earlier eraan era when government service was a serious calling and only the most capable, who chose to serve the people were voted into office. Anyone who thinks he or she can win, runs for public office whether they qualified or not.

There were about 20 of us, young Filipino activists from all over the U. We said as much in an early editorial and we want to stress that point again today in light of the 45th anniversary of the declaration of martial law by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos ...