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"U of T's part is that we've been working with the Georgians on the excavations and what we did was, first of all, increased the area of excavation, changed the excavation strategies and brought in new methodologies," Batiuk explained, noting that the Canadian team joined the Georgian researchers about two years ago.

"It was a way of making sure that the samples that we would eventually get and send to (the University of Pennsylvania) for the analysis would be good, clean samples from good context that we could trace and date properly." Archeologists found wide jars with narrow bases, which Batiuk said could mean that the wine was either partially buried or fully buried in the ground.

It also means they are unable to determine the variety of grapes used in the wine.

Dabei stützen sich die Hersteller von Seniorenhandys auf zahlreiche Untersuchungen und neueste Forschungen, die alle in die Produktion mit einfließen.

Das Stichwort "Usability" steht bei einem Seniorenhandy an erster Stelle.

"The ones that are preserved for us, especially going all the way back to the Neolithic, these will be charred and, once they are turned into charcoal, they can survive much better.

"You could easily just say, 'well it's because they never actually exposed them to fire, so that's why we don't have any of them,' but that is kind of a tough argument to make because there is always accidental firing of these things," he added.

Seniorenhandy - ein Begriff, der bereits auf die Nutzergruppe schließen lässt.