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The Case for Collectible Brands Brands are most often thought of as products, products that are consumed or used.But recently, brands such as Planter’s Peanuts, Mc Donald’s, Hershey, Oreo, and Coca-Cola have been acquired for collection rather than consumption.The second section will explin how these two case studies were researched and the data analyzed.

Also, the things comprising a collection are removed from ordinary use.

For instance, a collection of salt and pepper shakers is not used at the dinner table, and a collection of postage stamps is not used for mailing letters. It is however, a highly involving passionate consumption, rather than an uninvolving form of consumption such as buying a soft drink.

Collectible marketing may be viewed as a brand extension, which capitalizes on the added values of these brands and strengthens the relationship with consumers by making the brand collectible.

Extending the brand, using the brand name on new products to enter new product categories, i.e.

The research posits some of the reasons companies such as Hallmark and Coca-Cola are attracted to the collectible marketplace, as well as explaining how brand loyalty is enhanced via the collectibles.