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**BJ Fletcher: Private Eye, popular Canadian detective web series now attempting to make the transition to television.

Henry’s story is a gay sex comedy; Roman’s a lesbian crime drama; and Madison’s a “mommy blog on crack.” Created by Max Freeman and Margaret Singer, featuring Cole Escola.

3Way, comedy series about a divorcee, her gay friend, her gay friend’s girlfriend, and her gay friend’s ex-girlfriend living in one house.

Bloomers, Boys Who Brunch, Boystown, Boystown, Toronto-set series about three friends searching for sex and love.

**Brooklyn is for Lovers, self-described “sex comedy served up in wwweb-tastic portions,” this series explores a diverse — lebisan, gay male, black and white — cast of “five loosely connected young people in Brooklyn, NY.” It partakes in the kind of hipsterburg aesthetic of The Burg, but with more sex, and Young American Bodies, but with more funny. Bulk, “raw, sexy, dramatic” web series about the bear community in New York City.

The blog ‘s article on gay programming, click here.


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