Scarlett johansson dating now

It’s hard to have a lot of complaints, she’s pretty awesome.” Stand aside, Neruda! “The first time she hosted wa the first year I was a writer on the show,” he hadded. She’s the best.” Jost and Johansson have been making out since May.

Johansson, 32, has gone on record to say monogamy is for suckers.

The “Weekend Update” dude simplified the love that he and Scar Jo share by saying that Johansson is “pretty cool.” It’s like poetry!

The 35-year-old admitted to Entertainment Tonight that Johansson is “wonderful.” And when asked why she’s “the one for him” — wow, Entertainment Weekly is doing the most — e said, “She’s pretty cool.

When he sees the dress Scarlett wore for date night, 3 words gotta come to mind for Colin ...

I don’t know how his brand of chef is different from Guy Fieri or Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver because I don’t watch celebrity chef shows but I do know that he’s a drama cook. People keep trying to convince me that they’re dating for real.

All kinds of drama when he got divorced a couple of years ago. And she keeps stepping out with her lawyer-part-time-lover Kevin Yorn and now Bobby Flay.