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At the turn of the decade, Enfield created his eponymous sketch show, Harry Enfield and Chums (originally titled Harry Enfield’s Television Programme), which spawned the hit film Kevin & Perry.

Louise is staunchly private about her relationship, preferring instead to focus on her work.

In The Windsors, she plays an irreverent gypsy version of the Duchess, who in one episode contracts Ebola.

Kathryn revealed that her version of Meghan constantly brags about her part in the legal drama.“She’s most proud of having been in the show,” she said.

“At any opportunity she’ll tell someone she was in Suits.” The Windsors’ Meghan is “a bit more LA” than the real version, Kathryn added.“The real life Meghan is from LA and I think she’s toned down her Californian accent – especially now she’s dating Prince Harry,” she explained.“Her clothes are muted down and her accent is soft.

She now plays Camilla, portrayed in the series as a scheming arch-villainess, a “Camilla de Ville, if you like”.“My model for Camilla, once I’d read the first scripts and seen the costumes, became much more as if she were played by Joan Collins in a soap opera called Balmoral,” Haydn explained.