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Pinned Down and Abused for being strange - Simply, people judge because they don't understand. I'm pretty sure this song is about someone who has sex with a prostitute and then falls in love with her and she of course doesn't reciprocate. I would have to say that the song is about somebody who is in a relationship with somebody that he/she is very deeply in love with another person but the other person is not "in love" with him/her, so person one is very very deeply in love, like, marriage status but person two still loves person one as just a boyfriend/girlfriend, nothing for, thus goes "our love is no other than me alone for me all day".

But Dont take that for it, let me break the first few lines down.

"Our love is like water "Being close to god & his love is essential to anyone who really loves him."Pinned down and abused for being strange"Do i really need to explain that after the last line?

The reference to trying to hold the sea and the tide reflects the impossibility of the relationship.

"No other than me alone, for me all day" is their separation from each other, he is alone, she longs for him all day.

However, as is the way, their relationship is still subject to the external pressures of society. However, despite the opinions of people, Ed talks of how he has always strived to achieve things seen as being above him or unobtainable, as in a way their love is seen. They could easily be together but they would not be accepted so he keeps to himself.