Role of parents in christian dating dating while separated and adultery in maryland

As Paul teaches in Romans 8, only those who are justified by faith and walk in the Spirit are able to fulfill the righteous teaching of the law of God.It is the Spirit of God who will "work in them both to will and to do of his good pleasure." Your children must also be taught the authority of God's word to govern all spheres of life, and you must instill in them a Biblical worldview.2. If you do not, then your children will not be able to function properly in the role of husband or wife.

The word "depart" means to turn from the way or course, and is often used in the Bible to refer to a turning from the (cf. The text, by clear implication, instructs parents to train up their children in the way that they should go in regard to marriage. If parents are scrupulous in educating their children in Biblical principles for marriage, then God promises that when their sons and daughters come to adulthood and are joined in marriage, they will walk in the Biblical ways for marital life that they have been taught.

Parents are called to teach their children what God has revealed in his word concerning marriage: the nature and purpose of marriage, the roles of husband and wife, family economics, raising up a godly seed, etc. As grown sons and daughters live in marriage according to God's word they will be blessed of God and their marriages will be successful from God's perspective.

As the saying goes, "More is caught than is taught." The verbal instruction in regard to the Biblical principles for marriage you give to your children should be modeled for your children in your own marriage.

The importance of a godly example is critically important!

Interestingly, "train" is related to the Hebrew word for the roof of the mouth (the palate), and its usage in Proverbs 22:6 probably stems from the practice of putting a bridle in the mouth of an animal for the purpose of guidance and training.


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