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" most would respond: "Uh, well, let's see there's Roman Polanski, Haskell Wexler, Franco Zeffirelli, Francis Ford Coppola..." Whoah. Forgoing college, Evans joined his older brother Charles in running the elder Evans' highly-successful women's clothing label Evan-Picone, making Robert Evans a millionaire before his 25th birthday.While visiting the west coast to open Evan-Picone boutiques, Evans was discovered poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel by Norma Shearer, a silent, and early talkie, screen star and widow of the legendary boy mogul Irving Thalberg.He took some time off making movies, to see a movie. Up until they lost, he’d been rooting them on every week.

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The piece caught the eye of Gulf Western chairman Charles Bluhdorn.

Impressed by Evans' moxie, Bluhdorn summoned "the kid" to Gulf Western's New York offices, offering Evans the position of head of European production for Paramount Pictures, one of G W's subsidiaries.

Thinking him perfect to portray her late husband in Fox's Lon Chaney biopic (1957), Evans suddenly found himself playing opposite his childhood idol James Cagney, and voted "Most Promising Newcomer" by Photoplay magazine.


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