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Captain William Francis Lynch, a naval officer and explorer, harvested the slip while touring the West Indies in the 1850s.On his return he gave the slip to then-Congressman Andrew Johnson, who planted it near the old gum spring at the rear of his residence.

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Situated on a ridge overlooking the Valley of the Three Forks of the Wolf River in Fentress County, a beech grove stands as a living monument to one of Tennessee’s best-loved sons, Sergeant Alvin York.

He became one of America’s most celebrated military heroes for capturing 132 German soldiers in the Argonne Forest of France on October 18, 1918.

MORE While James White established White Fort (which would later become Knoxville), his friend John Adair established Fort Adair in 1788 just north in Grassy Valley.

The land had been given to Adair by the governor of North Carolina for his services in the Revolutionary War, and the town that grew there became Fountain City.

In 1947 the Arnold Arboretum sponsored an expedition to the area and the collected seeds were brought back to share with nurseries, including some in Mc Minnville.