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Suppliers must agree with us in advance the production site or workplaces to be used and no subcontracting of our orders from these agreed locations is allowed.All products we sell must also be labelled with their country of origin.

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We introduced our ethical trading programme, including ethical audits of our supply chain, during the 1990s, and we’ve worked hard to make sure supply chain workers enjoy decent working conditions.

In many countries, jobs at factories or farms that produce for the international market are highly sought after - and we know from experience that the companies running them benefit from increased commitment and productivity when their employees are treated with respect, work in decent conditions, and earn fair rates of pay.

In 1999, we joined the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and developed a set of principles in partnership with our suppliers.

These principles were based on the ETI Base Code and established our requirements for suppliers to comply with all relevant local and national laws, particularly on working hours and conditions, living wages, health and safety, rates of pay, terms of employment and minimum age of employment.

Our customers benefit too – from better quality, better value products and peace of mind.


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