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When someone asks for the salt, pass both the salt and pepper in anticipation of their need. If you do it the bathroom, don’t do it at the table. If someone offers a toast to you do not drink to yourself. When offering a toast, remember to be appropriate for the audience and be brief. Refrain from putting on makeup, combing hair, picking teeth, blowing nose vigorously at the table. If in doubt about what to do, watch someone at the table who knows. Brian Lowry categorizes this Texas based show as an attempt to recreate the regional appeal of shows such as Duck Dynasty, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and Jersey Shore, but criticizes the "dreary sameness to these characters and situations" and says that very little of the show seems real.

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My boys open doors and car doors for women and wait to sit and eat until the women are seated. Southern men seem to have more respect for women and this is instilled at early ages by the women in their lives.

By the way, to add to this--while the certain Northern guys are walking ten steps ahead and letting women "get their own door".know, because you don't want to treat them like children, or whatever crappy excuse they have...we're ten steps behind, opening the door for your girlfriend. My experience is southern men are more laid back, kinder, more polite and gentler.

Don’t push your plate away from you when finished eating and wait for everyone to finish before plates are cleared.


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