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I had never been there before, so he was giving me directions as I drove. I commented without thinking, "I'm so glad I don't live in a house like that." My boyfriend told me to turn right.FML Today, a business man in his forties tackled me to the ground in an attempt to take my seat on a crowded train. Apparently she didn't recognize the word so she checked "other" and wrote in "white".FML Today, my mother was re-enrolling me in school so she was required to fill out some paper work. FML Today, my boyfriend came over with a broken engraved bracelet that I paid 50 dollars for.

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That made her change her mind, now I'm back down to 23 hours a week.

FML Today, I ran into my infant daughter's room because I thought I heard her crying, and found she was still sound asleep in her crib.

Today, I took my daughter on her first visit to the zoo.

While we were watching the lemurs, some kid thought it would be funny to start shouting "MONKEY CUNTS" at them at the top of his voice.

When he got to my window, he said, "Oh sorry, I thought I knew you," and sent me on my way.