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Another article of their's shows many other instances where dating has been wrong as well (4).

I apologize for not being clearer with my statement, "Also, only intelligent creation would be able to create the many things that 'prehistoric' people could make," as you pointed out, "Which things?

As far as I can tell, most prehistoric artifacts are very primitive, and could have been easily made by prehistoric people." However, many objects have been found in coal, coal dating to be millions of years old!

An organization called 6,000 Years has some surprising discoveries on the matter, as well.

"common sense undeniably proves creation" I do not see how that works; please explain in round 2.


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    Alvarez Sosa told EFE that the tomb is of "great importance" because “the burial chambers contain dead who slept their eternal sleep under the god of the dead, Osiris".

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