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It should also be noted that this is just the latest lowering of Gulf sea level during the Pleistocene — there were earlier highstands and lowstands.By 14,000 years ago, sea level was rising rapidly because of ice sheet melting.If we rely on the Barbados coral data, by about 13,300-13,500 calendar years B. (when the archeological record at Mc Faddin Beach begins with the deposition of Clovis points at the source area) sea level still stood about 65-68 m below the present level, the shoreline was still 175 km away, and the site area still well inland. P., when various types of Late Paleoindian projectile points were being deposited at the site, sea level had risen to 20 meters below the present level. P., a barrier shoreline developed about 55 km southeast of the Mc Faddin area. By the time these were discarded, the source area may well have been flooded, which raises the possibility that these most recent artifacts might have been discarded on the beach, rather than washing ashore like the earlier material. Two lines of vibracores punched across the valley axis contain pine, oak, juniper, cypress, grass, sedge, and other pollen types suggesting vegetation similar to that found on the coastal plain today.

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The Texas coastline is a dynamic environment where sand can either be added or subtracted by currents and storm surges, and Mc Faddin Beach is a place where net erosion of sand has been taking place, flanked on either side by areas of net accretion.

Despite this, it is clear that the artifacts are washing ashore from the Gulf, not eroding out from deposits behind the beach.

In 1991, a conference on the site was organized in Port Arthur by Dee Ann Story, Paul Tanner, and Ellen Sue Turner, and 27 local collections were brought for examination, photography, and preliminary documentation.

These included both artifacts and vertebrate fossils.

Radiocarbon and OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) dates on the Beaumont/Prairie Formation range from roughly 28,000 to about 135,000 calendar years B. Mc Faddin Beach alone has produced more Clovis points than any single county in the state of Texas — over a hundred of them.


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