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Sharing a funny anecdote is fine, but don't become a complainer.

Instead of focusing on what's missing, enjoy life, do fun and meaningful things.

Examples: a Starbucks date (in a Starbucks that you know has seating available) or a miniature golf date etc. As long as you offer your date a reasonable option or two, in general she’ll be happy with the choices. Slow down there, Bucko If you met a woman you like, that's fantastic. Many guys dating a woman prematurely roll out a laundry list of all their problems, weaknesses and “issues.” Would you do this with a new client or with a new colleague at work?

Have an idea of what you want to ask and what you want to learn about her. When you have been dating for a long time, you can become overly sensitive to slights and insults, imagined or real. If your date doesn’t say exactly the appropriate thing, let it go. But I realized I needed to do my part in the process. When we talk about other parts of our lives (work, shul etc.) we're usually positive, upbeat and have a “can do” attitude. They preferred being given an option on a date (would you like to go here…there? If women in your life give you advice about dating – listen. People will listen, they’ll smile, but you gain very little by becoming the raging single that spews forth about terrible first dates, awful matchmakers and evil dating websites.

Otherwise, you may go out several times and still not know each other much better than you did after the first or second date. This doesn’t mean you have to become a doormat (never a good idea! But don't turn the tiniest offhanded comment into a big deal. Be willing to do what it takes To find my wife, I needed to be willing to do whatever it took. If it meant going to someone’s house for a Shabbos meal, I went. You’ll sound bitter, you'll become bitter, and you will be concentrating on the tough things in your life rather than the sweeter things.

I am not terribly conventional, I have a doctorate, and I’m fairly independent.

I also look about 10 years younger than my age (54).

Until recently, I was one of those “older single guys.” Past 35 and still not married, people always said, “We have to get you married” or “You're such a great catch, why aren’t you married”.