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Elizabeth comes to APT from New York by way of Kansas City and Minneapolis. Tell us about yourself: Where you’re from, where you live now and how your path led you to APT?

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Learn about the people behind American Players Theatre. Welcome to our Quick Chat series where we’ll dive into the life and times of some of APT’s finest.

Each interview will supply insights ranging from the obviously relevant to the vaguely strange. Today we’re chatting with one of APT’s newest actors, the tremendously talented Elizabeth Reese. Thanks for taking the time to do a Quick Chat with us.

About two months before rehearsals start, I let that stuff go and begin to daydream, letting everything marinate.

In the weeks before rehearsals start, I like to do my “detective work.” I spend that time doing all my text work and getting the lines into my body. Once that band-aid is ripped off and rehearsals start though, that’s when the fun begins!

His words to us that I have written on my dressing room mirror are “Play hard with confidence, hunger and reckless abandon.” Our work now in performance is to rattle the edges of the structure we’ve built during those weeks spent in the Dohmen Rehearsal Hall.