Putting women on a pedestal dating

In other words, that it wasn't necessarily always a "bad" thing? )I tend to think of it as elevating a person to a level where you think they're more important than you, where their needs matter more than yours, and where you're too willing to forgive their mistakes or overlook their faults. They see the person for what they wish or imagine them to be, not what they really are.

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You'll end up doing more for her than she does for you.

Over time, that just leads to resentment and feeling taken for granted.

Is she attracted to you or just being friendly and polite?

Know that if you attempt to buy her things or be “nice” without her first having accepted that she is attracted to you it will be seen by her as attempting to buy or beg your way into her pants.

I've always viewed it as having unrealistic expectations of perfection and/or willfully ignoring a woman's faults.


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