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OXIDANT from North Carolina wax poetic on powerviolence, anxiety, and social power, while Japan’s ZAY talks about defying expectations as a punk supergroup. Xylitol " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="size-large wp-image-31270" src=" alt="Xylitol" width="465" height="310" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 465px) 100vw, 465px" / Dan’s 2017(ish) faves LIQUIDS – I Killed Donald Trump MOZART – Miserable Adult XYLITOL – Atrocity Man NAKED LIGHTS – Machine ÖTZI – Ghosts Shellshock PERMANENT MAKEUP – Blot Out the Sun THE UNITS -Cannibals KLEENEX – Turn The Table RAINCOATS – Fairytale in the Supermarket THE WHAT FOUR – I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy Dan’s 2017 reissues picks a trip back in time Y PANTS – What Do You Take Me For?

DER STAB – Tracers SCREAMING TREES – Straight Out To Any Place ACE OF CUPS – Stones THE WEEDS – Don’t Close the Door On Me Dan Plays Recently Reviewed DIRTY & HIS FISTS – Heretics GIRLSPERM – Hippies On Cocaine FLESH BAG – I’m Sick RADIATION RISKS – No Is the Way Outro song (RIP Prodigy): COLD WORLD – Cold World First set is an in-depth look at the modern malaise, fashion, capitalism and property and the night MARAUDEUR – Property to Property DENDÖ MARIONETTE – Celebration of Night UT – Sham Shack NICOLE CAMPAU – New Fashion Set two hurts, torments and is but a hellish baby TECHNYCOLOR – Bunker PATSY – Nazis Are So Plain MR WRONG – Baby Stimmen BDs – Teenage Hell LES OLIVENSTEINS – Fier De Ne Rien Faire HEAVY METAL – My Head Hurts Set three eats with Gary Panter, gets rich FLESH WORLD – Problem in the Youth Bulge HOW TO GET RICH IN ROTTERDAM – Dapper Dan GAUCHE!

She served food and wine at her parties while the rest of us were sharing half pints of rum, Dr. As a fellow with Black Randy & The Metro Squad, Connie showed us all that she was a multi- talented Glamazon.

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Von Beat, the ex-drummer of the RALPHS, reminisces on the early Texas punk/new wave scene, including time spent with labelmate Bobby Soxx.

Three different bands from around the globe — Australia’s BENT, Germany’s KENNY KENNY OH OH, and Oakland’s COMPOSITE — all spill about their complex feelings surrounding being femme and playing punk. You can have all of these interviews plus all of the columnists and reviews that you love to hate to love. You can also order this issue by mail by sending $4.99 in the US, $7 Canada, $9 Mexico, or $11 worldwide to: MRR • PO Box 460760 • San Francisco, CA 94146 • USA …or just #415 • December 2017 issue… To Rape Culture collective, the VELVET UNDERGROUND’s Willie “Loco” Alexander, Alabama punk history part 2, Russia’s STRESSHOLD, GRIT from Ireland, Norway’s NEGATIV, photos from Toronto’s Not Dead Yet fest, Fred “Freak” Smith of BEEFEATER obit, plus, from the Sheffield, England scene: Kids of the Lughole label, COMMUNITY, a scene report, and Noise Annoys fest photo spread.

Outro song: CHRIS SPEDDING – Bedsit Girl Intro song: STENGTE DØRER – Alt Er Alt Ingenting Er Mer Skidmarks across the U$A FHAB 4 – Dead Beatles FUNERAL – Waiting for the Bomb Blast LATIN DOGS – Road Kills VOMIT PIGS – Baby’s Playin Games DV8 – Guns On the Right Shit you don’t have MIRRORS – Shōgeki-X THE REVENGE – Our Generation RED SQUARES – Ottawa Today LOS TONTOS – Policias DEEP SIX – Watchers of Time European I’m a peein’…

CELL 609 – Repulsion THE BASTARDS – Impossibilites YODLER KILLERS – Jacot Masturbette DIETER MEIER – Cry for Fame MORDBUBEN AG – Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand Aussie bonzers SPK – Factory NEWS – Dirty Lies BABEEZ – Dowanna Love CHOSEN FEW – (Do the Manic) To Kill or Maim PSYCHO SURGEONS – Horizontal Action FUN THINGS – Lipstick Outro song: THE DIODES – Raw “First rule, is […]” NATION OF ULYSSES – A Kid Who Tells on Another Kid is a Dead Kid “Everything starts with F U.” FUGAZI – Number 5 FULL SERVICE QUARTET – Lionel Richie FULL BONEY – Stars; Pinholes in the Curtain of Our Night FULL FATHOM FIVE – A Trap FUSES – I’m in Love With Electricity “Call in NOW with how you’ve been.” HOTHEAD – Jammed Together THE BRAIN – Too Much to Dream WOTZIT – Fake DON’T ASK – Here’s Another One ROSHOMON – Develop and Genocide SOFT SHOULDER – Vacuum VIAGRA BOYS – Upside Backwards HOLOGRAMS – Simulacrum “Yes, yes.

When I moved to Hollywood from Orange County in 1972, I moved into the Canterbury Apartments.