Powerpoint 2016 vba screenupdating dendrochronological dating of the uluburun ship

You will be able to change the label name but most importantly we want to change the Caption.

While the properties box is open set the size of the font that you want and the font type and style.

The labels will not be referenced in the VBA project.

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In the properties box name the userform frm Tax_Receipt (no spaces allowed) and add a caption My Tax Receipts (spaces are allowed here) Here is a sample of the naming convention that is commonly used.

The only rules that apply are not to use a reserved VBA keyword nor add spaces in the name.

A userform is a dialog box that you create and customize in the Visual Basic Editor.

It is an object that can contain VBA code and events.

You can then filter the tax receipts between dates from an interface sheet. $F$5:$F$100)) Here is the link to the website article for understanding dynamic named ranges Note: You can use a static named range however you would need to redefine it each time new data is added.